EmBag sick bag
1 - Embag ® Vomit Bags

High Quality Disposable Emesis Bags (EmBag)

Our hospital grade emesis sick bag is of superior quality giving you peace of mind

Easy to hold and disposable, our hospital grade emesis vomit bag (Embag®) surpasses the kidney dish for safety, hygiene and functionality.

With a hard, ‘can’t miss’ plastic opening that fits perfectly over patients’ mouths, this revolutionary sickness bag completely captures vomit and eliminates accidents. Embags® protect staff and patients, and reduce cleaning costs. Ideal for hygiene purposes, travel sickness and ease of use, order our emesis bags for your facility today.

Our point of difference

Made from recycled plastic the compact 1500ml emesis bag features volume markings and a twist’n’seal lock that traps odour and content.

Designed by a paramedic who understands the needs of the emergency medical sector, our sick bag is proudly 100% Australian owned and well-suited for travel and hospital needs. Used properly, our bags cut down on spills and contamination across the board, whether in a hospital or public transport – we save you time and money over traditional vomit bag options.

Embags® come in packets of 50 sick bags. Our bags are ideal to purchase for hospital, transportation and school and childcare facilities. As we sell in bulk, you will always receive the best value for money with our emesis bags.

Frontline is dedicated to providing only the best products and customer service. All our emesis bags are hospital grade quality and available for bulk sale throughout Australia. Easy to dispose of and simple to use, anyone can use our emesis bags. Order yours today!

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