EmBag sick bag
1 - Embag ® Vomit Bags

Our hospital grade sick bag is of superior quality giving you peace of mind

Easy to hold and simply disposed, our hospital grade vomit bag (Embag®) surpasses the kidney dish for safety, hygiene and functionality.

With a hard, ‘can’t miss’ plastic opening that fits perfectly over patients’ mouths, this revolutionary sickness bag completely captures vomit and eliminates accidents. Embags® protect staff and patients, and reduce cleaning costs.

Made from recycled plastic the compact 1500ml barf bag features volume markings and a twist’n’seal lock that traps odour and content.

Designed by a paramedic who understands the needs of the emergency medical sector, our spew bag is proudly 100% Australian owned.

Embags® come in packets of 50 sick bags.


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